'Alan Wall is, in my view, one of the very finest writers currently working.'
Michael Moorcock, Internet Review of Science Fiction.

'Wall's greatest skill: an ability to make his complex work both accessible and fast paced - intrigue and suspense are never far away.  There are books that I always find myself returning to, rereading the increasingly tattered pages of the copies on my shelf.'
Steve Potter, Commercial Trading Manager, The Book Depository.

Alan Wall is one of Britain's most acclaimed and original novelists and short story writers.  His work encompasses a massive range of genres - literary fiction, science fiction, history, myth, thriller, metafiction.  At the heart of his work is a fascination with the link between mystery as a facet of storytelling and mystery as an aspect of the human condition.
'The labyrinth is a good metaphor for the understanding of the human experience.  We have Copernicus, Marx, Freud and Darwin: they tell us the evidence of our eyes, heart and common sense is not to be trusted: there is a darker narrative hidden inside the extant one.  The Sun doesn't rise; social relations are not automatically just; the desires of the heart are as bent as corkscrews; there is more of nature in us than we might like ... All narrative is like an apocalypse in the sense of uncovering.  We like to be led though the labyrinth by a slender thread.'  
Alan Wall, interviewed in The Third Alternative, Published by TTA Press.

Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Alan Wall studied English at Pembroke College, Oxford.  He lives on the Welsh borders and is Professor of Writing and Literature at the University of Chester. He was Royal Literary Fund Fellow in Writing at Warwick and Liverpool.  In 2003 he was awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Board Fellowship to work with the scientist Gron Tudor Jones.  This collaboration resulted in various publications, including Myth, Metaphor and Science, available online at the Royal Literary Fund Website.