Welcome to the official website of the writer Alan Wall.  Here you will find news and biographical information about Alan, as well as an an overview of his work as a writer.  We will also be offering stories and writing from Alan's back catalogue and giving readers the opportunity to buy some of his new work.

Alan's new novel Badmouth is published by Harbour Books on 20 January.  From the publisher:
"Badmouth tells of the adventures and misadventures of an uncle and a nephew, Graham and Robert Fowey, and their involvement with a ventriloquist's dummy, Harry Sprite. It also tells of Brother Tom, a man who can read minds, of Noah and of Sigmund Freud. Funny and erudite, by turns fantastical and realistic, Badmouth is as mischievous as Harry Sprite."
You can also get the Book from Amazon.  Badmouth is a strange, unsettling and genre-blending tale.

* * *
The Fortnightly Review has published 16 of Alan's articles.  The latest, 'Lux, Lumen and the Lights of Science', is on William Blake.  It is adapted from Alan's recent lecture to the Blake Society: find it here.


Alan is a critically acclaimed writer of serious literary fiction, but he has an almost obsessive interest in breaking down genre boundaries.  

Alan is also putting together a rigorous but playful exploration of the origin of English words called Obstupefaction Etc.  Sections from this book are being published in The Reader and Paraxis, and others are 
free to download here on the website.

'One Alchemist, One Fool, One Tempest', an imagined dialogue between the author of The Tempest and the author of The Alchemist, is the latest addition to the downloads page.  Download here on the website and discover what goes on between the Tower and Bess Throckmorton's Bed.

There are two other free downloads on the site: these are the poetry e-books 'Mayakovsky's Bullet, Milton's Pen' and 'Swan and Other Poems'.  Both are free to download here on the website.    

Alan's fiction has been translated into ten languages.